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Albert Einstein (1879-1955), American nationalized German physique, winning with a Nobel, famous to be the author of the theories general and restricted of the relativity and for their hypotheses on the corpuscular nature of the light. He is probably the good known scientist of the XX century.
He was born in March 14 1879 and their youth passed in Munich, where her family possessed a small shop of electric machines. Already from very young it showed an exceptional curiosity for the nature and a remarkable capacity to understand the most complex mathematical concepts. To the twelve years he already knew the geometry of Euclid’s.

•My name is Adriana Granados; I was born in Maracaibo zulia, 1990 January 05.My parents' call Omar and Silvia Hernandez; I have two brothers adult and smaller than seeded me, carolin and Fernando seeded respectively.
•I study in dances typical Maracaibo, study in gero's productions, participate in the band show Santa Ana of Jesus.
•At the moment study the second semester of mass media, in the university Rafael Belloso Chacin (URBE).

a vis!t t0 th3 doctor!

A visit to the doctor

Dr: How are you feeling?
Patient: Awful. I’ve got a sore throat and a headache
Dr: Well, I’ll take your temperature and see if you’ve got a fever. Let’s see no problem. It is only a earache
Patient: No
Dr: a stomach ache?
Patient: No, just a sore throat and a headache, and I’m really depressed
Dr: you’ve probably got the flu, and that’s making you depressed
Patient: Ok, thanks doctor, bye!
Dr: Not at all, take it easy, you don’t want to be sick your birthday… oh waits a minute! Don’t forget the prescription for you medicine.
Patient: Don’t worry Dr. I’ll be fine, bye!


The vegetable
Those that i like?
Broccoli, lettuce, carrots, potatoes.
Those that I don't like?
Onion, paprika.
Because I like?
I like because they are nutritive
Because I don't like?
I don't like because they have bad flavor



•Brigitte: hello Adriana I call you to invite you to have dinner. that you find?
•Adriana: ok, finds me well I don't have anything to make and she wanted to leave tonight. you tell me to that hour?
•Brigitte: I will happen to you looking for to the 8:00. these list, we will pass it well, you will have a good time.
•Adriana: ok waits for you.



The Chinese New Year starts in January or February. The celebration last for 15 days and it is a very colorful celebration.
Before the celebration begins, Chinese families clean their houses. They do this to get rid of all the bad luck. Firecrackers are also part of the Chinese New Year. The noise from firecrackers scares away the evil spirits.
Decorations and new clothes are red because red brings joy. People give red envelopes; with money inside, as gifts. Two of the fruit are given color foods; like tangerines, are given as gifts. Two of the fruit are given because odd numbers are not lucky.
Food is an Important part of this holyday. families eat fish, chicken and Jiao zi which are dumplings filed with meat and vegetables. the lantern festival is on the last day of the celebration
The dragon Chinese *New Year is very important for the Chinese families because it represents all what they believe. This is part of their history and their spiritual custom. this festival have some rolls and characteristics that have to be fulfilled because of their beliefs

my l@st we3kend!!!!

my last weekend

I had a great weekend .On Friday; she went to a restaurant with her boyfriend. On Saturday, she went to the cinema with her family and on Sunday, she watched a movie at home.